Frequently Asked Questions

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There are no benefits except for dividends if and when declared.

The AGM is normally held in August.

Accounts need to be adopted by the shareholders. Remuneration is paid to the Managing Director, reappointment of Directors is conducted, the increase in borrowing powers and any other matters which require shareholder consent, are requested.

The AGM minutes of the meeting are uploaded to the Stock Exchanges and to company websites.

In the case that you have your folio number, you can request the details from the Registrar and Share Transfer Agents (RTA) or write directly to Indo Count.

You need to send your new address to the RTA.

You must provide proof of marriage and a sworn affidavit to the RTA.

If you hold the shares in a demat account, it is very simple to sell them through the stock exchange. If you hold your shares in physical form, you will need to send them to the RTA.

You will need to know the folio number so you can request a duplicate share certificate from the RTA.

You need to send us the executor documents and if it provides the rights, then you can send the details to the RTA for change of name.

Generally, this does not happen since the folio number is struck from the register. If this is the case, please contact the RTA or Indo Count.

Please provide your email address directly to the RTA or Indo Count and we will place you on the mailing list.

If a dividend is declared, you should receive it. If declared and not received, please write to the RTA.

Yes, provided you give your bank account information to the RTA. If your shares are demated, they will already include your bank information.

Yes, provided you are an Indian resident. Dividends are paid post tax and are not taxable in the hands of shareholders. 

No. There is no provision to allow for this.

It is sent via email link to all shareholders. Your email address should be communicated to the RTA for you to receive this. You can also download it from the Stock Exchanges or the company website. 

Once you register your email address, all communications will be received electronically.