People Matter Most

At ICIL, we believe that for an organisation to truly prosper, its community must progress alongside. Inclusive development has never been an addendum to altruism, but an essential part of our business.

Women Empowerment

We believe empowering women is indispensable to the health and social development of families, communities, and countries. Empowering girls is the key to economic growth and social transformation.

Driven by the above belief, we have initiated skill-development programs for the women folk in the community and have created job opportunities for them at ICIL. We have trained more than 600 women folk from the community within the reporting period.

CSR activities

All our CSR efforts are carried out through the Indo Count Foundation (ICF), a special purpose vehicle, created for carrying out elaborate CSR of the Company. ICF works under the guidance of a dedicated CSR committee. Our CSR footprint covers education, healthcare, rural development, agricultural and livelihood improvement initiatives, women empowerment, water and sanitation, environmental initiatives, and disaster relief activities.

Diversity & inclusion

We refer to the concept of ‘Equal opportunity’ as the philosophy of treating all equally in terms of employment, remuneration, and other employment benefits. There is no discrimination based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, colour, age, disability, or other factors.

People with diverse credentials and backgrounds, including diversity in race, age group, gender and more, form the fabric of Indo Count’s workforce. Hence, diversity is strongly inter-related to the notion of equal opportunity at Indo Count.