Indo Count is a specialized end-to-end bedding provider that is solely focused on creating all-encompassing sleep experiences. Our passion and global vision have allowed us to enter 49 markets with the objective of continuing to add more every year. We are also the preferred partner for some of the best-known retail, hospitality and fashion brands in the world. We are fast, agile, and respond to the needs of clients with solutions that make a difference in consumers’ lives. 

Sustainable Growth for all Stakeholders

Over the past 25 years we’ve established a strong foundation on which we’ve built a strong, healthy and profitable company.

A Strong Management

We have a decisive, agile and flexible decision-making process that creates improved communications and easier collaboration with all stakeholders.

A Culture of Innovation

We embrace the latest technologies and processes to create better products, and to make safer, more efficient, and greener workplaces.

We are Good Communicators 

We believe that anything we say and do should be done graciously, with transparency and reliability.

Quality Craftsmanship

We take great pride in what we do and we only make fine quality products because we control the entire process from field to market.