Our Students are Our Future

When we looked at the needs of the 16,500 students attending the 47 government aided schools close to our facilities, we quickly realized there were a number of issues that required improvement. A multifaceted approach was developed and implemented to increase attendance, stimulate learning and bring school pride to students. 


Using state-of-the-art e-Learning technology and programs, we transformed every classroom into a modern teaching facility where
students can explore beyond their wildest dreams. There is a renewed sense of purpose among teachers and students are visibly more motivated and enthusiastic about their classes. The Indo Count Foundation e-Learning initiatives were recognized by both the Kolhapur District Council and Kagal Municipal Corporation.

Clean Drinking Water 

Addressing the most basic of needs, each of the schools in the program was fitted with a new stainless steel water tank with water purifying system to provide students with hygienic drinking water.

School Bags 

In a region where even the simplest school supplies and commodities are not always within the economic reach of many parents and families, we distributed thousands of much needed school bags to each and every student. This was greatly appreciated by the many families in the area and created a renewed sense of pride and belonging among students.