Creating quality yarns and bedding is woven into every fiber of our being. We are specialists, not generalists, and have chosen to only work towards creating the best sleep experience imaginable. We control every aspect of the supply chain from product design and development through to branding and marketing. We believe this is a key reason for our sustained momentum and exceptional growth in the industry.


We start with consumer surveys and market research to determine what is important to consumers with regards to bedding. Product engineers and creative directors then brainstorm on how new technologies and processes in weaves, dyes and finishes can answer to these needs. Finally, we develop the product features that bring complete comfort to benefit our customers and consumers.


We start by sourcing the best cotton from India, and around the globe. We then use state-of-the-art equipment to spin, weave, bleach, dye and print. Finishing and branding are also managed by our highly skilled workforce, who are solely focused on bedding. The result is complete quality control across the entire process as well as increased value for all our stakeholders.


We started out by making high quality yarn for our customers. Today, we are a specialized end-to-end bedding provider solely focused on improving people’s lives through better sleep experiences. We are flexible and fast and do everything from yarn to private label to our own brands to meet the complete needs of our partners. We pride ourselves on being good communicators and providing responsive service to meet client demands.