Addressing Sanitation on the Local Level

Under the Prime Minister’s flagship program “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan”, the Indo Count Foundation partners with local town and village Gram Panchayat to develop sanitation programs that address the unique needs of each community. Our efforts to create a cleaner healthier environment extend far beyond our plants and facilities to the dozens of towns and villages that surround us.

Toilet Blocks

We are building 50 toilet blocks with the support of the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, with our target to be the first corporation free of open defecation. 

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Plants

We are initially covering 15 villages by providing RO drinking water through the ATM system. Each RO system can fulfill the need of 1000 families in a village, and can eradicate waterborne diseases like dehydration, indigestion, cholera, diarrhoea, and gastric problems, which are very common in rural areas.