The Perfect Sheet

Indo Count’s reputation as the pre-eminent manufacturer of quality bed sheets is fueled by our attention to detail and our dedication to quality.  We create private label, licensed and our own premium brands. Our bed sheets come in a range of qualities starting from better to premium and are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ category and price point.

The Perfect Feel and Fit

Continuous research and development has provided us insights on what the key parameters of sheet buying decisions are for consumers. The feel of the sheet is the most important factor for consumers and we achieve perfect feel with our innovative weaving and processing technology.

The second most important attribute in the sheet buying decision is the fit of the sheet. Our product development teams have created True Grip® fit technology to provide the perfect fit solution for consumers.


We start by sourcing the best cotton from India and around the globe. We then use state-of-the-art equipment to spin, weave, bleach, dye and print. Finishing and branding are also managed by our highly skilled workforce who are solely focused on bedding. The result is complete quality control across the entire process and increased value for all our stakeholders.

Over the years Indo Count has received several global accolades and awards on product consistency and superior quality standards. We follow world-class standards in both our Spinning and Home Textile divisions.

Our Innovative Collection

Indo Count's comprehensive assortment of fabric technologies and quality finishes demonstrate our category-leading reputation. 

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