We Care About Our Neighbors

At Indo Count, environmental responsibility plays a key role in every decision we make. We track our water and energy consumption, look at how we can best treat all discharge, and create Green Zones around our facilities to make life better for everyone.

Air and Noise Pollution

Both air and noise pollution have been greatly reduced with the new Acoustic systems that have been placed on our DG sets and Air compressors.

Water Treatment and Conservation

Indo Count makes certain that no harmful substances are discharged into the environment by using state-of-the-art Italian Zero discharge ETP plant for the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of effluents, producing clean drinking water. Water conservation efforts also include rainwater harvesting.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

New technology and equipment across all our manufacturing processes greatly conserve energy. 

  • Oxygen analyzers provide increased fuel efficiency
  • Blow down TDS sensors and valves maintain optimal levels and save fuel by reducing heat loss
  • VFD’s allow for greater mechanical life, less down time, and increased energy conservation
  • “Siren & Panel” gas leak detection provides greater fuel efficiency