Historic Timeline

For over 25 years, Indo Count has been innovating to create superior quality products that are responsible for our continued momentum and sustained growth.

1988 Mr. Anil Kumar Jain incorporates Indo Count Industries Ltd.
1991 Spinning EOU production commences.
1995 Rights issue for expansion.
2005 Land purchase for HT.
2006 The Home Textile Division is set up, the first in the state of Maharashtra.
2008 Indo Count acquires Pranavaditya Spinning Mills Ltd. (PSML) increasing its total spindlage to 80,016 spindles and producing 14,000 tons of cotton yarn per year.
2011 Indo Count expands into the U.S.A. by establishing Indo Count Global Inc. (ICGL) with offices and showroom in Manhattan, and warehousing and EDI operations in Charlotte, NC.
2012 Production expands to 45 million meters per year.
2014 Indo Count UK Ltd is established in Manchester and Indo Australia Pty Ltd is created in Melbourne. Both house showrooms, design studios and warehousing.
2015 The Brownfield expansion increases capacity to 68 million meters per year.
2016 3 brands launched in USA (BOUTIQUE LIVING / PURE / REVIVAL)
2016 ICIL launches BL in India.
2016 ICIL takes the license of prestigious brands like Harlequin/Sanderson/Scion
Today Indo Count is the fastest growing Indian manufacturer in the U.S. and European markets.