SDGs Bring Harmony

We at ICIL aim to align our operations to UN SDG goals and thereby become a responsible company. We strive to be benchmarked among the best in the industry with respect to ESG Performance in the home textile industry space. We have developed a Business Plan 2030 which has identified six pillars of sustainability and also mapped our operational performance against nine SDG goals.

Sustainability Metrics Applicable SDGs
Carbon Neutrality*
Sustainable Raw Material Sourcing
Zero Waste to Landfill
Impacting the Local Community through Creating Shared Value (CSV) Strategies
Impacting Cotton Farmers
Tree Plantation
Indo Count activities across various SDG’s
  • Collaborated with Wockhardt Foundation to provide medical facilities to over 96 villages, through the mobile medical van
  • Facilitated a vaccination drive wherein over 95% of our employees got fully vaccinated and distributed about 70,000+ face masks and over 2,600 bedsheets to nearby villages
  • Renovated and equipped nearby Government health care centres and local hospitals
  • Provided E-learning facilities to local schools. About 110 schools and 44,600 students benefitted
  • Covered more than 1,150 students for training and skill development initiatives and over 600 students placed and given career growth opportunities
  • Supplied bunker beds and renovated a school for disabled children, at Parite village (Kolhapur district)
  • Facilitated nearby villages with RO Water, over 1,80,000 individuals
  • Provided washroom facility to nearby villages 32 washrooms built by ICIL
  • Provided drinking water facility with water purifiers and a water tank to schools, over 15,500 students in 46 schools
  • Installed close to 1.5 MW Solar Power plant for our captive consumption
  • Built one of our latest madeup facility as per LEED’s Green Building Guidelines and the same is being planned for other projects
  • We have state-of-the-art ETP & RO plant - Installation of 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) system: For conservation of natural resource by water recycling. We have installed a 3 Stage RO system
  • Technology Upgradation: We continuously review and upgrade our technology for the best utilization of resources. A few examples are: installation of automatic moisture controllers, new technology pumps, and auto blowdown controller, among others
  • Installed an energy efficient centrifugal compressor in place of screw-type compressor
  • Undertook GAGAN, AVANI, ANANT projects for sustainable sourcing of fibers
  • We ensure our dyes & chemicals used are sourced from the best in class. More than 85% of our Dyes & Chemicals are compliant to latest ZDHC Standard guidelines
  • Focus on efficient resource utilisation and reduce wastes at each level of manufacturing
  • Numerous initiatives are in progress for resource conservation and waste reduction.
  • We have installed biogas power generation unit
  • Back pressure steam turbines have been installed for power generation from the steam utilised for processing
  • We have partnered our customers, such as Walmart, in Project Gigaton to achieve global goals of reducing GHG emissions. We are being recognised as GIGA GURU in this global project by Walmart
  • We have partnered multiple stakeholders such as community and associations promoting sustainable production for using sustainable fibers, following sustainable processing and sustainable packaging