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Sustainable Products
reneu cotton

Reneu Cotton Sheets are made with Pre-consumer (Post Industrial) waste. It is more sustainable alternative to both conventional and organic cotton.

pure earth

Pure Earth® Sheets use only plant based dyes made from fully traceable agricultural resources.

Our passion for nature and our commitment to sustainability has driven us to provide you with these organic cotton, earth-friendly and exquisite Sheets.

bio press

BioPress Sheets are made with biodegradable fiber reduce persistence of plastic microfiber pollution in the oceans and plastic accumulation in landfills. This gives biodegradable features to your Sheets.

eco lite

Living green isn’t just about being environmentally aware. Green is also about promoting a healthy stage for everyday life. The Eco-LITE sheet is a light-weight organic sheet that has been processed in an eco-friendly unit, but it also uses 30% less cotton as compared to a regular sheet. You get a light, yet durable sheet, so that you can feel good and sleep easy too.

cotton hemp

One of nature’s most durable fibre. Hemp is long lasting, hypoallergenic and grown without pesticides or insecticides. Hemp is highly sustainable, requiring just one third of the land, water and fertilizer that cotton does. Hemp fibre are breathable, airy and get softer with each wash.

Technology Upgrade

We continuously invest in upgrading our equipment and technology to stay updated. This helps ensure consistent better quality products while optimising production.

We continually keep reviewing and upgrading our technology to utilize our resources best. Keeping in line with this, we have installed automatic moisture controllers, new technology pumps, and auto blowdown controllers, among others.

Apart from these, we also installed the latest energy-efficient technology machines at our sites. Moreover, we have grabbed every opportunity to harness sunlight and tapped the ‘Sun Power’.